Create dynamic rules to triage the inbound emails received by your aliases. Add custom keyword conditions and actions.

By default, aliases have a rule enabled to catch all inbound emails.

Example uses

  1. Bypass the digest to get important emails straight away
  2. Forward support requests to the relevant team member
  3. Ignore certain emails altogether

Rule conditions

Every rule must have a condition. You can add as many rules to an inbox alias as you require to build your workflow.

Choose from the following properties of your inbound email in order to build a rule.

  • Subject line
  • From address
  • Body content
  • Any header field

Available comparisons

Option The chosen property must
Contains Contain the value
Does not contain Does not contain the value
Ends with Ends with value, exactly
Equals Match exactly
Does not equal Does not match exactly
Is blank Be blank
Matches Match the provided regex
Starts with Starts with value, exactly

Catch all

Alternatively, match all inbound emails by using the catch-all option.


When your alias receives an inbound email, it is checked against your rules. When the condition is met, one of the following actions is taken.

Action The inbound email
Bypass Skips the alias default digest and is sent to you immediately
Forward to Is immediately forwarded to the provided comma separated email address(s).
Ignore Skips the alias default digest completely and is ignored
Use default pace Is stored and sent to you in the next digest

Stop cascade

Rules are evaluated in order and can be drag and dropped into the workflow required.

When a rule passes (evaluates as true), you have the option to "stop" any subsequent rules.