How it works

The Ruby on Rails 6 framework provides the basis of Paced Email. Action Mailbox handles and processes inbound emails via the Mailgun email service provider.

We determine the inbox name and periodicity from the  tocc and bcc fields from the inbound emails you send our way.

At the end of each daily, weekly, or monthly period, all the emails received to your aliases get amalgamated into one email and sent to your real email address.

Other technologies and services

Below is a summary of all the services and technologies employed in the production of the Paced Email product.

Name Use
Ruby on Rails Web-application framework
Postgres Main platform database
Redis Background job and operational data
Sidekiq Background processing
Heroku Application hosting
Mailgun Inbound email processor
Sendgrid Transactional email processor
Amazon S3 Cloud storage
Honeybadger Error monitoring
TailwindCSS CSS framework for the website
Stripe Payment processor for upgrades