Adding a custom domain

Adding your domains to Paced Email requires the addition of two MX and two TXT records to your DNS provider. See below for setup instructions.


  • Personalised email aliases
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Ability to change between daily, weekly and monthly digest frequency via the dashboard


Default With custom domains

Where is a domain that you own and have verified with Paced Email.

Advanced settings

By default, when you add a custom domain, it is set up under a subdomain named "paced" to ensure that you face no compatibility issues or interference with other root MX records or email services.

The default subdomain is, however, editable. Feel free to customise it to suit your requirements or native language.

If your domain has no prior-configured email services or MX records, you can leave the subdomain blank to use your root domain.

Unsure? Contact support for setup help.

Valid examples



Step 1: Add your domain to Paced Email

First, add a custom domain to your Paced Email account via your dashboard. You will then receive two MX and two TXT records to add to your DNS provider. All four records are required to successfully verify your domain.

Paced Email aliases use the paced subdomain so as to not interfere with any existing root domain emails. E.g.

Step 2: Add DNS records to your hosting provider

Login to your hosting provider and navigate to the DNS section. This area is called DNS at Cloudflare, but we've seen it called Networking at Digital Ocean and Zone Editor in cPanel.

Next, you need to add the records.


The hostname in this case is or sometimes just paced. You'll also be asked for priority, which should be 10 for both records.


Again, there are two records to add.

Step 3: Wait (up to 24 hours)

It can take up to 24 hours for DNS changes to propagate across the internet. In our experience, it usually happens faster than that, but don't get discouraged if it doesn't happen immediately.

If you're impatient like us, you can also the Verify DNS settings button on the domain page.


Some DNS provider's panels will automatically append the root domain name following whatever's placed in the hostname value; for instance, if your domain is, you might only need mail in the hostname field, or you could be incorrectly creating a record for

Reach out to your DNS provider to find out how their panel operates if you are unsure.


Once fully verified, you can use your personalised Paced Email aliases like usual.